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Endorsed by

Tim Schaefer, Vice Mayor
City of Citrus Heights

"With careful consideration regarding the office of Area 7 of the San Juan Unified School District, I hereby endorse Oleg Shishko.

I have known Oleg for several years and he has served his community well and has proven himself to be a leader as a board of directors on CHASEN and Neighborhood Area 6. Most recently, he fought against frivolous taxation leading a very successful effort defeating Citrus Heights Measure M in 2020. Oleg also has a vested interest in providing the highest quality education for his children and as well as children of the city of Citrus Heights.


Oleg’s earnest and honest perspective will represent district 7 with honesty, dedication and a fantastic work ethic. I strongly encourage the voters of San Juan Unified School District Area 7 to elect Oleg Shishko."

Oleg Shishko

for San Juan Unified School District, Area 7

School Board

My Priorities


  • ​Parents must have easy access to the curriculum taught in the classroom

Fiscal Responsibility 

  • We must make sure to save in order to reinvest into upgrading old facilities and building new ones without imposing new burdens onto the hardworking taxpayers. 

Parental Rights

  • Parents are the sole guardians of their children. Parental wishes must be respected. We must look for ways to protect the interests of the parents against the overreaches of the federal and state governments. 

  • Parents are the only ones who should make medical decisions for their children. No child should be forced to mask up or be vaccinated against the wishes of the parents. No one has the right to advise children and offer medical services without the explicit consent and approval of parents. 

Diversity and Inclusion

  • The schools must work to support, and not undermine the authority of parents. We live in a diverse society with a wide spectrum of cultural practices, traditions, political leanings, religious beliefs, etc. Teachers must embrace this diversity and not promote ideals contrary to the ones sought to be instilled by parents in the home. 

  • A successful education is guaranteed if there is a partnership between parents and teachers. This partnership will only be successful if there is mutual trust and respect. This trust cannot be established until parental authority and interests are held in the highest regard.

School Safety 

  • With all urgency, we must continue our partnership with local law enforcement and train all available faculty members to recognize dangers early on and respond appropriately.

Bret Daniels, Councilman
City of Citrus Heights


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