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Protecting our kids and defending Parental Rights!

Why I am running for School Board 

I am a parent of 2 young boys.
In just a few years, my oldest will be of school age.


Recent events have shocked my wife and I. Children are coerced into medical decisions without the knowledge or consent of their parents. They are segregated and forced to mask up. Children are indoctrinated with sexual “education” that is highly inappropriate for any age. These practices are discriminatory and anti inclusive as they explicitly go against the religious beliefs and traditions of so many families, including my own.

We love our boys so much! They are our life! We will not give them over to the manipulations and brainwashing of the current system! It simply needs to be reformed.

My Full Candidate Statement

Whose children are they? This is what is being decided by your vote. 


Your children do not belong to the state. 

You, the parent, not our government, are the sole guardian of your children. 


I am running for School Board in order to secure this fundamental right of parents. We all deeply care for the safety, well-being, and prosperity of our children. While our government declares its good intentions, we all see the failings of its one size fits all approach. I strongly believe that it is the parents who are best able to identify the needs of each individual child. I believe that parents are responsible for the education of their children. As such, parents have the right to delegate the education of their children to whomever they wish. 


Parents should have full access to the curriculum of their children. Parents have the right to know what is being taught inside of the classroom. 


Parents are the only ones who should make medical decisions for their children. No child should be forced to be masked and forcibly segregated! No child should be compelled, against the will of the parents, to be vaccinated. What our government has done to our children during the last few years, all in the name of the greater good, is unconscionable! 


For too long, Citrus Heights has not been represented in our school board. I will be a voice promoting financial sustainability and prudence. We must stop heaping mountains of debt on our future generations! We must live within our means. 

A vote for me is a vote for greater transparency and accountability. A vote for me is a vote for your children. It is a vote for parents. 


Whose children are they? They are your children! Vote for Oleg!

Oleg Shishko Photo.jpeg

If elected, Oleg will represent Trustee Area 7, which covers most of Citrus Heights.

Check the district map here.

View the interactive map here.


Thanks for submitting!

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